To help you get a better idea of what these tools can do, we’ve listed some examples below. To expand your options, you may take a look at this compilation of leading document management systems. To perform at the highest levels, remote teams have to find new and better ways to operate. So, let’s take a look at the different tools and methods for remote collaboration, as well as some tips on how to get the most out of them. While it’s important to communicate clearly, there is such thing as too much communication. Clarify the apps you will use and the hours in which it’s acceptable to contact your colleagues.

  • Twist also has the ability to respond to messages asynchronously & improve communication management thanks to its cloud database.
  • In some areas, it is advantageous to us Virtual Reality to enable remote collaboration.
  • The key to collaboration is finding the perfect balance in being always-on and completely isolated.
  • When collaborating on certain tasks, there is a given amount of urgency depending on the project, and this will always affect how your team works together.
  • When you’re part of a remote team — especially one that’s dispersed across multiple time zones — instant answers aren’t always possible (or even necessary, if we’re being honest).
  • This allows users to quickly get feedback from clients or other team members.

People who work on remote teams face communications challenges consistently. As more and more of our interactions happen digitally, we will continue to experience new forms of miscommunication and misunderstanding. The solution lies in building a skill set that reflects the demands of our digitally-driven age. For instance, when communicating digitally, don’t assume that others understand your cues and shorthand. Spend the time to communicate with the intention of being ultra clear. Don’t bombard your team with messages – it’s ineffective, and annoying.

Set clear goals and expectations

They allow project managers to easily assign tasks and create work plans which makes organization and task delegation efficient. Team members can also share important files, update the team on their progress and communicate other valuable information about the project. For virtual collaboration to become possible, it is vital that all members of a hybrid team have access to the best video conferencing tools. On a fundamental level, this means having robust hardware that will sustain any brainstorming session, report meetings, or lengthy discussions.

That way, they don’t have to interrupt your work to ask for an update. A project management tool also helps consolidate communications about any collaborative tasks within the platform so the relevant information is easily accessible. Standing meetings can also minimize disruptions to employees who are in vastly different time zones and help them manage their time more effectively. Knowing when the meetings are being held ahead of time ensures they don’t get left out of remote team collaboration that occurs during their off-hours. Nectar is one of the best online collaboration tools for virtual teams in terms of recognition feed and awards. Managers and stakeholders can share their appreciation and feedback to boost the team’s productivity by building an inclusive company culture.

Set expectations and boundaries

When using Fresco, you can gain all the value from managing remote collaboration in a tool like Trello while also integrating regular collaboration sessions on the same platform. Depending on your use case, you might need a selection of these tools, so below, we’ve outlined some of the popular options from the three categories. This is an easy way to bridge the gap in time between teams and can help facilitate remote collaboration smoothly.

  • When used sparingly, remote communication tools like Zoom and Skype can be an effective outlet for everyone to share ideas, think as a collective, and make key decisions as a team.
  • A fishbone diagram is a template that breaks down problems in a way that helps teams identify and address the root cause of an issue.
  • Switchboard checks all those boxes by creating an interactive virtual space where your teams can work side-by-side for more effective collaboration, any time, on any project.

During remote Meetings & Video Chat, you can record any call with a full-length video. Other zoom solutions include video webinar, meetings, Zoom room, business IM, and voice sharing. Nextiva is a cloud phone system that empowers teams to communicate with customers and colleagues regardless of their location.

Remote Team Collaboration Tools

Moreover, you can optimize the efficiency and productivity of your team by using time tracking tools like When I Work. But most importantly, you should be informed on ways to manage your remote teams. It’s a unified workspace where remote teams can bring all their knowledge, docs, and projects together in one place, replacing multiple other remote work tools.

  • However, while working from home has its fair share of benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges.
  • Your permanent meeting room should save all the documents and links you shared during the last meeting so they’re ready for the next one whenever you need.
  • In a traditional office setting, brainstorming may occur when everyone meets around a giant conference table with a whiteboard and a stack of donuts.
  • Microsoft Teams helps keep communication in internal and external meetings organized, easy follow up on and improves the effectiveness of collaborative work.
  • Don’t waste a minute and start creating, sharing, organizing, managing, and tracking all of your team’s knowledge in one place with
  • When working remotely, you never know what can happen—a dog barks, a child runs into your room, the doorbell rings.