Reader Question:

This guy and I also are matchmaking for three months, therefore we currently had intercourse. My personal thoughts for him are actually strong. We’ve had some depend on issues on the way because I examined their phone. Once I questioned him in regards to the various other girl, the guy promises, «Elle, we aren’t in a relationship.» We almost live with each other and rest collectively all the time. We found their family members, but I don’t know if he should fulfill mine because I am not sure when we’re major sufficient.

Exactly what do I Actually Do?

-Elle (New York)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Oh my sweet, beloved Elle. You have made the mistake of countless women in a high-supply intimate economic climate. You thought intercourse before dedication would create a consignment.

Unfortunately, it never ever does. Some words of «who will be we» and «what are our very own thoughts per various other» have to be conveyed PRIOR intercourse takes place. I’m sure one NY girl who’s got a 20-date rule merely to get rid of the people that happen to ben’t with it for longterm.

But it may possibly not be too-late. Provide him a taste of one’s morals. If he defintely won’t be unique since you two are «not in a connection,» then chances are you tell him you only make love with others you are in an exclusive connection with. Next silently, but firmly, close your legs.

Today be equipped for the outcomes. You’ll shed him, however, if you continue how you are, you will be certain to get rid of him and perhaps obtain an STD and a broken center.

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